Spring Cohort Starts April 19, 2022

Illuminate Digital™ 
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Beyond Borders

From the Creators of Immigrant Finance™

Transform Your Ideas Into Impact

Through Our Illuminate Digital™ Online Business Accelerator, We Offer Online Business Development Coaching to Help You Master the Foundations of Building a Successful Online Business So You Can Share Your Purpose, Help Others, and Make a Larger Impact on the World.

Our 14 Modules Cover Some of the Following Topics:

Clarity on Your Soul Purpose & Business Focus

Business Mindset

Developing Your Offer

Determining Sustainable Pricing

Getting Your First Clients

Marketing & Building Online Influence

Sales Skills

LLC Formation

Business Finances & Strategy

Online Tech Systems & Automations


Dan, Founder
First Gen Fundamentals

"Thank you Adina for trusting me enough to share your business knowledge with me, I know you saw something in me that I didn't see myself or that I refused to see.

This business is a way for me to honor my parents' entrepreneurship and courage to take the steps to move to a whole new country and start from zero. I witnessed the struggles of being an immigrant when my parents tried to open a cleaning business, lack of resources, lack of business knowledge (I always thought I needed to go to college) lack of support and, worse yet, the people that take advantage of the immigrant community.
For a long time, I worked low paying jobs going above and beyond because as an immigrant this is the best I could do, I didn't want to get fired and I always hoped more money would come my way if they saw me working hard, but sadly the money that came was not enough or not what I expected and the recognition for my job was not noticed. For a long time I wanted to have a business that would help me care for my kids and parents and also help my community but I didn't have the tools. 

The fear of not knowing what to do kept me away from achieving my dreams. After I took your financial course Immigrant Finance School my life literally changed I paid my debt and I was able to work less for my job and work more on my dreams.

I just started this year but I'm further than what I ever imagined and I can't wait to see what's next. Thank you Adina for your kind words and everything you do to help immigrants."

--Yazmin, Founder Katharisma Cleaning LLC
"If you're looking to launch a digital business I highly recommend you reach out to Adina at Immigrant Finance as she has empowered me to launch my own digital career coaching business. The Immigrant Finance Program is phenomenal!! Adina will guide you step by step on finding your niche, marketing strategies and address any mindset challenges. The program has helped me feel more at ease and confident about launching my business. Don’t hesitate to call her! You will not regret the results you will acquire while enrolled in this program."

--Gaby, Founder, Latinx Career Coaching Services

"I got soooo much out of the program and I have you and the group to thank for an immense amount of internal transformation.

My husband saw so much progress in that department that he signed up for it himself!

 Having access to the resources on so many crucial topics is also incredible and I plan to refer to them often! 

The most inspiring and motivating coaching sessions were the mindset sessions. I feel like that is such a big part of it and something that is better experienced with others in a similar position.

While I think that seeing some basic tangible demos of accounting and marketing tools was helpful, the most memorable ones were about mindset."

--Carey, Match + Markers
"This program provided me with the structure to organize my new ventures.

The courses, coupled with the strong sense of community within our small learning cohort, really helped me develop my much-needed plans.

In fact, the lessons I learned in the course helped me quit my job and work on my consulting business full-time!"

-- Sofia

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